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Welcome to BIS LTD Computer College

Bostech ICT Solutions LTD is the premier computer college offering an exceptional learning experience to thousands of youth from Kenya and beyond. With a highly experienced and trained faculty, administrative and support staff members, Bostech ICT Solutions LTD provides a great variety of opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Today, Bostech ICT Solutions LTD is robustly equipping graduates with skills to invent new technologies for the future. The quality of our education continues to create our reputation for excellence.

At Bostech ICT Solutions LTD, students experience some rare opportunities to prepare for their future careers. As an educational centre to thousands of immensely talented intellectuals, Bostech ICT Solutions LTD provides the ideal environment and academic programmes to give students the opportunity to invent and shape the future of our society through meaningful and exciting technological approaches.

Career Progression

The beauty about the IT field is that technology is a part of everything in the world today. This provides immense opportunities for students in this line of study as it broadens the opportunities for employment, innovation and business. Across all sectors, IT experts are required and those who are enthusiastic to be a part of the technology transformation in the world.

IT graduates can work in all sectors, including but not limited to working as:

1. Software and Computer Engineers
2. Network administrators
3. Database development and administration
4. IT support
5. IT training
6. Consultancy- Corporate, Government, NGOs
7. Web design and development

Choosing to do IT courses provide students with a fantastic opportunity given the demand for the service across the world. The relevant skills gained after the programme allow graduate to easily fit into the broad market and make an income as they improve lives.

Certification Objectives

1. Ensure learners acquire the necessary skills after training in order to effectively implement them in the market

2. Help learners identify specific areas of specialization

3. Produce students who are adequately equipped with skills usable in the market

List of Programmes:

• End User Professional
• Wed Design specialist
• Computer Programme Specialist
• Technical Support
• International Certifications (CISCO)
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• Graphic Design Professional
• Financial Applications
• Operating SYSTEMS/Serves
• Statistical Packages
• International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

There is no post in your selected categories.

Head Office

Embassy House 1st Floor Suite 101
Harambee Avenue next to
Sheria House Business Complex
Nairobi - Kenya.

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